Are industrialization benefits good for the economy?

Industrialization a process that allows an economy to move from agrarian production towards mass-produced and more technologically advanced goods. This phase is marked with exponential leaps of productivity, shifts between rural and urban labor, and higher standards. Industrialization can be described as the most significant economic advancement in human history by using standard measures such as per capita, or labor productivity.



  • The world’s economic development has been made possible by industrialization.
  • The process has increased productivity and allowed mass production. This has led to an increase in standard of living.
  • Since the beginning of agriculture, around 8000 to about 5000 B.C. the human productivity has remained relatively the same. The industrialization of Great Britain began in 1760.
  • Industrialization has resulted in more goods being produced in shorter periods of time, more leisure time and higher real incomes.

The Industrial Revolutions of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries were the key to major industrial shifts that took place in Western economies. Four major national industrializations are the most common among economic historians.


  1. Great Britain’s original industrialization occurred between 1760-1840.
  2. The United States’ industrialization between 1790-1870.
  3. The unparalleled industrial gains in Japan during the 1880s-1970 period.
  4. China’s industrialization, 1960-1998


Economic Growth

There are several techniques for generating real economic development. The first is trade specialty, which is where a laborer is better equipped to perform an activity by training, education, and insight. When actors try to improve their trade earnings, specialization tends to happen naturally.

The second is improved capital good. This increases productivity per hour. For example, an 18-wheeler transports goods much more efficiently than a man carrying a backpack and bicycle.


The discovery of previously untapped resources is one last method of increasing productivity. This can be seen in the 1850s discovery of oil wells or the invention the Internet.


If more goods are manufactured in a shorter time, the cost of buying those goods decreases. The decreasing real cost makes it more affordable for people and their families to purchase such goods. This helps to improve the standard for living. Without productivity improvements, most families would not be able afford to buy refrigerators or automobiles, computers, TVs or electricity.


Industrialization and Growth

According to the Federal Reserve Branch in Minneapolis, productivity and living standards have remained relatively constant from the beginnings and end of the agricultural age up to 1750 A.D. 0 Gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, which had been fixed for thousands of years. The modern capitalist economy exploded and dramatically increased gross domestic product per person. This had been the case for thousands upon thousands of years. 1


Deirdre, an economic historian who wrote in the Cambridge University Press in 2004, claimed that industrialization was “certainly most important in the history of mankind since the domestication, or even the invention, of language”. ” Not every historian agrees about what ignited the Industrial Revolution. Most economists point out the changes in Great Britain’s legal and cultural foundations, which allowed free trade, and gave entrepreneurs the incentive to take risks, invent, and profit.


Progression of Industrial Revolution

marginal productivity rose dramatically throughout this period thanks to the creation of better capital goods, like the steam engine, as well as the mastery and application of new production techniques, like the assembly-line. It was possible to produce a greater number of goods in a shorter time. Higher quality food was a key factor in population growth. It also helped combat malnutrition. It was possible to spend more time on education, innovation, recreation. The demand for higher-quality goods and services has increased dramatically as a result of an increase in the average real earnings.

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